Don't miss the latest opportunity to refresh your photography and video lighting kit! Starting August 28, Quadralite's big promotion begins - our most popular products will be available at discounted prices for two weeks.


Atlas, Reporter, Videoled and other series lights, only now will be available at prices reduced by up to 20%


Immerse yourself in the search for new equipment that will allow you to fully realize the rest of your creative plans for this year! Whether you're a professional or an amateur, you'll find solutions that are perfect for you. And that's regardless of your level of expertise in photography or filming.

The promotion lasts only until 10.09

But that's not all. During the promotion period, Quadralite brand ambassadors will talk about photo shoots that were particularly memorable for them. Their realization was made possible precisely thanks to the products now available at promotional prices. As part of this series, we will publish tutorials showing how you can achieve similar effects yourself. We invite you to follow the website and our social media accounts. There you will find a full list of products included in the promotion, the aforementioned tutorials and photos to inspire you.

The promotional offer is available at the official online store of the Quadralite brand, and at authorized dealers.


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