Both of them are redesigned versions of older constructions for DSLR cameras that have already won the recognition of many professionals and photography enthusiasts. First of all, because of its unique features, excellent workmanship, and image quality. The latest versions, designed for Sony mirrorless cameras, are even more improved design, with the newly added aperture ring and lens housing.

Both lenses are characterized by a solid construction (Dragonfly finish version). The body is made of magnesium aluminum alloy combined with a high-quality composite. This ensures durability and resistance to weather conditions with relatively low weight. Dust and moisture resistance mean the possibility of confidently using those lenses outdoors, even in harsh weather conditions.

Also, both of the lenses are equipped with the "Click / Declick" switch - a feature now available on Irix photographic lenses for the Sony system. It allows one to choose between gradual and smooth iris ring operations.

The first new lens is Irix 15mm f/2.4 - a great tool for landscape photographers who want to experiment with perspective and create unique shots. What's more, this lens is also great for astrophotography, or architecture photographers.


Key features of Irix 15mm:

  • Exceptional image quality across the frame, including corners
  • Sony E mount
  • Front filter mount
  • Fast aperture f/2.4
  • Distortion not exceeding 2%
  • Two aperture ring modes
  • Full communication of the lens with the camera (possibility of using semi-automatic modes)
  • Easy and precise focusing ring
  • Focus lock ring



The second new lens is Irix 150mm macro 1:1. It’s a powerful tool for macro photography enthusiasts. Packed with advanced technologies, this lens offers unparalleled image quality and precision, allowing you to capture the finest details with pinpoint sharpness.


Key features of Irix 150mm:

  • Fast f/2.8 aperture
  • 1:1 reproduction scale
  • Sony E mount
  • Stunning bokeh effect
  • Construction resistant to all weather conditions
  • Full communication of the lens with the camera (possibility of using semi-automatic modes)
  • Two aperture ring modes
  • Perfectly sharp image
  • Tripod mount included
  • Zero distortion: 0.1%



More information about the Irix products and technical details of new lenses can be found on the official webpage

You can pre-order 15mm lenses here and 150mm here starting today. The expected shipping date is the second half of June. Retail prices are respectively 675 Euro for the Irix 15mm lens and 695 Euro for the Irix 150mm lens. More details are available on the official Irix webshop and via selected dealers.



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