The new promotion is on from now, at the price of the single Quadralite VideoLED 600 lamp, You get a light stand Verso 190 Alu and 5 color gel filters with it!


The proposed set is the perfect solution for beginner photographers and filmmakers, who crave to start their journey with artificial lighting. One investment, which covers the basic needs to move to action immediately! Put the lamp on the new Verso 190 Alu light stand, turn on the power and get those great shots! VideoLED 600 lamps can also be the perfect alternative to flash – making the beginner photographer's work much easier, giving the possibility to preview the exposure in the camera while taking the photo.

Quadralite VideoLED 600 are 60W continuous LED lights. They combine the pros of LED lighting, but at the same time allow the use of a wide range of light modifiers thanks to Bowens mount. The high power of the lamps allows their use in photography, but also filmmaking. Efficient, solid, low-energy requirements and versatile use. Quadralite VideoLED is the ideal choice for photographers starting their adventure with artificial lighting.



The color gel filters included in the promotional set give a great opportunity to take up a creative challenge and let your imagination set free for new colorful ideas. The filters come with easy-to-use velcro for their mounting. They allow the easy, fast, and intuitive change of the filters on the lamp.

Color filters have a wide range of applications, allowing you to implement unique and creative effects in Your photos. They are often used as a counter light or for coloring the background of the photo, they are also popular in product photography. Another use is the correction of the color temperature of the light in the photographed or filmed scene.


Buying promotional set, You get:

  • Quadralite VideoLED 600 lamp,
  • Light Stand Verso 190 Alu Basic,
  • 5 color gel filters:,
  • - 143 Pale Navy Blue,
  • - 204 Full CT Orange,
  • - 244 Full Plus Green,
  • - 182 Light Red,
  • - 795 Magical Magenta.


The price of the set is equal to the price of the lamp itself and stands for only 135€

The offer is valid until promotional sets are out of stock


Check it out now at Quadralite store

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