Irix brand has released a correction profile for the Irix 45mm f/1.4 GFX lens, which can be downloaded from the official website and installed in Adobe Lightroom image postproduction software or implemented in Adobe Camera RAW module.

Correction profiles are a convenient solution that significantly reduces the time of photo processing, allowing you to get the best image, free from distortion and darkening in the corners of the frame. Using a correction profile allows you to enhance such features as vignetting and distortion with a single click. Now Irix 45mm f/1.4 GFX medium format lens users have a dedicated tool at their disposal that furthermore improves workflow in image editing programs included in the Adobe suite.


The correction profile (*.lcp file) for the Irix 45mm f/1.4 lens for the Adobe software can be downloaded from the official support site:

Irixlens Support


If you don't know how to upload the profile to the program, the Irix brand has prepared a short video tutorial that will help you easily go through that process:



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