We are pleased to announce that the Irix and Quadralite brands were selected in the 2020 poll by the readers of Fotopolis and Digital Camera Polska!

The Fotopolis.pl portal once again presents the best photographic equipment of the past year, according to readers of Fotopolis and Digital Camera Polska. As many as 2,000 votes were cast in the poll in various categories.

Thanks to your votes, the Irix 45mm f / 1.4 lens took 3rd place in the "Advanced Lens of the Year" category and the Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL flash took 3rd place in the "Lighting of the year" category! Thank you so much for that!


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Reporter 200 Pro TTL combines all the advantages of portable speedlites by adding the efficiency and light quality of studio strobes. The flash can be used in both automatic (TTL) and manual (M) modes, and the built-in Navigator X radio system receiver means it can be controlled remotely. This light is fully compatible with all available accessories originally designed for Reporter 200 TTL flashes.

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Irix 45mm f/1.4 is the only manual lens in this year’s list which, thanks to its high-end quality and outstanding optical results, can complete with advanced native primes.

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