It is precision optics enclosed in a high-quality housing, which has been specially designed for users looking for quality without compromise. New Tokina Vista 65mm is a focal length lens with high light transmittance - as with all lenses in this series - T1.5. Such a high value of this parameter allows you to shoot in difficult lighting conditions.

The 65mm focal length is a compromise between the standard angle of view and traditional portrait lenses. It is the perfect complement to a cinematographic set that fills the gap in the range from 50mm to 85mm. The advanced optical design ensure into perfect sharpness of the generated image, almost free of unwanted artifacts and aberrations. The developed technology also allowed to eliminate the "Breathing focus", which is very disruptive when working with video recordings.

Tokina Vista lenses are premium class products that can be found on any film set, also in very advanced productions. They have a consistent structure and size, which makes it easy to change lenses. The Tokina Vista 65mm T1.5 is the ninth lens in this series.



Model: Tokina Cinema Vista 65mm T1.5
Focal Distance: 65 mm
Groups: 13
Elements: 14
Image Circle: 46,7mm 46,7mm 40,8mm 45,6mm 46,7mm
Minimum Focus Distance: 0.69m
Maximum Macro Magnification: 1:8.59
Focus Mode: Internal Focus System
Aperture/Iris Blades: 9
Depth of Field: T1.5
Filter Size: 112 mm
Overall Length: 161mm 161mm 184mm 187mm 169mm
Diameter of Front Head: 114 mm
Maximun Diameter: 114 mm
Weight: 2,29kg 2,37kg 2,42kg 2,46kg 2,44kg


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