A completely new and powerful LED panel from well-known Quadralite brand is here! The Quadralite Talia 400 LED panel with 40W output is an efficient, intuitive and user-friendly light source designed for the studio workflow. The Talia 400 LED has a wide light-emitting surface that produces soft studio light without additional light modifiers. The whole thing with dimmer function, so you can adjust the light in the range of 10%-100%. The panel has a built-in diffusion layer that can be removed if needed. This feature is especially handy when you need to get creative with the light to match your project.

The light sources of the Quadralite Talia 400 are high-quality CREE LEDs with a high colour rendering index of CRI 96. The entire design is based on dual-colour LED light, so you can adjust the colour temperature from 3200K up to 5600K. Due to the LED driver, the panel has no flickering effect, which is crucial in video use.

The extremely easy operation of the Quadralite Talia 400 is possible through the two knobs on the back of the panel.


The recommended retail price is 75 EUR




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Highlights of Quadralite Talia 400 LED

  • Large panel area that illuminates the subject even without additional modifiers,
  • The panel's soft light is perfect for capturing people and products,
  • Simple & intuitive control panel,
  • Passive cooling,
  • Brightness adjustment from 10% to 100% to suit your needs,
  • Color temperature adjustment allows you to match the light to the scene,
  • True color rendering thanks to the high CRI> 95,
  • Removable diffusion layer,
  • Multiple mounting options,



Don't hesitate! Check now at authorized Quadralite dealers and in the online store https://store.quadralite.eu/en/

Check the product offer on the website http://www.quadralite.eu/


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