The Quadralite brand has prepared interesting Christmas gift ideas for everyone who needs a smart gift to give to your loved ones. This beautiful time of the year is a great opportunity to take care of your loved ones by making their dreams come true. This year's under the Christmas tree you will find unique lighting equipment dedicated to various photographic and videography applications. The promotion lasts from 10.12.2020 to 24.12.2020.


The Quadralite Stroboss 36 flash (available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, MFT and Pentax cameras) with a 5-in-1 95x125cm reflector. Cost of the set: €84,29.


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This is a basic, multipurpose set for all enthusiasts who want to start their adventure with an on-camera flashlight. Quadralite Stroboss 36 is a compact reporter flash equipped with full auto-exposure flash mode (TTL), allowing you to brighten up the subject of the photo easily in every situation. It's a small accessory that is always worth having with you: especially indoors where you can bounce the light from the wall or a ceiling thus making soft, nature filling light. With 5-in-1 reflector included to the set, you'll be able to further modify the light. You'll be able to bounce the light directly to your subject thus achieving more 3D-pop on your photographs. If you want to upgrade your studio equipment in the future, the Qudralite Stroboss 36 already has built-in Navigator X radio control driver, which will work with all Quadralite remote triggers. It is a handy solution recommended not only for beginners but also for professionals who need a modern, small and powerful flash.


Budget-friendly studio flash: Quadralite Up! X 200 lamp, you will get a standard Quadralite 18cm reflector. The price of the whole set is only €118,81.


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Anyone who’s looking for an attractive flash solution, which will work perfectly well in studio photography, should consider a set consisting of a studio Quadralite Up! X 200 flash together with a standard 18cm reflector. Quadralite Up! X 200 is made of high-quality composite, weighs just 1.3 kg, with a powerful flash output (up to 200 Ws). It's also well suited for dynamic sessions in the studio, thanks to the modern driver allowing for short flash intervals (less than 1.5s at full power). Up! X 200 has a clear, user-friendly interface so you'll be able to create stunning pictures without any hesitation. The Bowens type mount allows you to mount many light modifiers such as reflectors, softboxes, umbrellas, etc. The lamp is also equipped with a light stand mount that has a step adjustment of the degree of inclination of the lamp. The Quadralite 18cm reflector included in this set allows to smoothen up and directing the light beam toward the desired direction. The flash is fully compatible with the Quadralite Navigator X remote control system, which allows a comfortable and effective work with more devices. This set is a perfect deal for people who want to learn the secrets of studio photography or to complete their studio equipment.


Mobile set for a professional who appreciates mobility – The Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL flash with the Reporter 200 C-type LED head. The cost of the set is €410,95.


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Photographers and filmmakers who need a compact and portable lighting solution combined with a high power light output should consider Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL. This flash is an efficient light source comfortable to carry everywhere (due to its compact size and weight of only slightly more than 600g) and easy operation in the field thanks to efficient battery power supply (up to 500 flashes at full power). Flash has also a built-in fully-automatic mode (TTL). Reporter 200 Pro TTL is a lamp that can be widely adapted and adjusted to your needs. This is possible thanks to interchangeable light-heads, which can be used depending on the situation. Two types are supplied in the Reporter box: type A (with Fresnel lens) and type B (bare flashbulb). Apart from that, in the promotional kit, you'll also get type C LED head (continuous light) with color rendering index CRI>96. Due to continuous light, you'll be able not only see the effect before pressing the shutter button but also use it when filmmaking. Quadralite Reporter 200 PRO TTL is fully compatible with the Quadralite Navigator X remote control system, which allows a comfortable and effective work with more devices. This set is a versatile solution for everyone whos looking for an efficient, portable flash or continues light with universal use.


Kit for the demanding professional use – The Quadralite Atlas 600 Pro TTL powerful flash, with the FH600 Remote Head. Price of the set is €940,00.


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For the most demanding users, we created a set consisting of an extremely powerful (flash energy up to 600 Ws!), and portable Quadtralite Atlas 600 Pro TTL flash. This flash is a combination of a powerful and robust studio strobe with battery-powered, portable construction that allows to use it outdoors. Thanks to the battery-powered construction, which allows for up to 370 flashes at full power and the compact design, which translates into ease of use (weighs only 2.5kg, without battery). The main strength of the Atlas 600 Pro TTL in professional use is stable and reliable flash output. In situations where extremely high precision of strobe is required, the user can use a color priority mode (Color Mode). The lamp charges between each shot at full 600Ws power in just 1.3 without any lag which is crucial when shooting fast action where you need to freeze the movement of moving subjects. The TTL mode allows setting some automatic exposure parameters in most situations so you don't need to hesitate with manual control. Flash has a standard, Bowens-type mount so you can use a wide range of light modifiers like softboxes, umbrellas, snoots, reflectors and other modifiers (the standard reflector is included to the set). In the Christmas kit, you can get a Quadralite FH600 head, which allows you to distance the body of the lamp from the bulb (up to 2.4m). This is especially handy when you want to use the strobe on the boom (the main body of the flash will act as a counterbalance) or tall light stand. The Quadralite FH600 head is also equipped with a 10W modelling LED light and a Bowens type mount for modifiers up to 120cm in diameter. The Quadralite Atlas 600 Pro TTL flash with FH600 remote headlamp is a great gift for every photographer that demands a reliable strobe for professional work, guaranteeing long, trouble-free operation!


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