Irix Magnetic Mount System accessories are extended by filters designed for cinematographic lenses Irix Cine!

As a cinematographer, you probably have wondered many times what it is like to experience real magic that changes your creativity and improve your workflow. Constant rush between the individual takes, changing props, the limited availability of the actors and the weather, which always plays tricks. And you, your idea, your camera and time, which by the ticking of the clock reminds you to complete the project on time. We are aware that the work on a film set involves constant pressure, and every moment is incredibly precious. That is why we decided to create a somewhat magical solution that will make the time stop not only on the recordings and shots, but also will take the burden off your timers, and above all, yourself - the creator of the film world. Having in mind that the future belongs to smart solutions, we decided to introduce the Magnetic Mount System designed for the line of Irix Cine lenses.

This unique and pioneering solution ensures quick and safe mounting of the accessory to the front of the lens without the need for additional elements.So far, you could get to know the magnetic lens hood, and today we proudly present another accessory in the MMS standard - magnetic filters, which can be swapped in the blink of an eye!The Irix Edge Magnetic Mount System (MMS) filters have a strong magnetic mount that is compatible with Irix Cine lenses. This feature allows you to swap and combine the filtersquickly and easily during recording and save valuable time on the set.



Ultra-thin, threadless filter construction!

The filter construction is threadless and based on a system of strong, high-quality magnets, thanks to which the profile is ultra-thin (only 5mm) and completely flat. It makes the filter maintenance easier – no more problems with dirty or dusty filter thread again!


Safe and secure magnetic mount

Thanks to the design dedicated to Irix Cine lenses, the Magnetic Mount System (MMS) series filters perfectly adhere to the lens, creating a safe and secure connection ready for every action.








Combine them easily!

Do you need to use neutral density and polarized filter at the same time? No problem! MMS filters design enables you to stack filters easily. You will see for yourself how quickly you will get used to the convenience and quick operation offered by the Irix Edge MMS




The Magnetic Mount System filters feature the same Super Resistant (SR) properties as the newest, improved generation of Irix Edge filters. This filter series guarantees an excellent damage resistance - toughened optical glass covered with a special nano-coating makes the filter survive virtually anything. Irix Edge filters are made of the highest quality optical glass with light transmission of 99.8% and do not affect the exposure of the recorded film. Thanks to the glass and multi-layer, anti-reflective coatings on both sides, Irix Edge filters provide a perfectly sharp image with high contrast, without flares. A nano-coating applied to both surfaces of the filter is also important for maintaining an impeccable image. It repels dirt from the filter surface, thus facilitates its cleaning.


The offer includes a full range of functional MMS filters with a diameter of 86mm - compatible with the entire set of Irix Cine cinematographic lenses!

You can choose from UV, CPL, ND filters (available in densities: ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64).

Irix Magnetic Mount System is a comprehensive tool that will improve your activities in your movie world, and MMS filters are the latest element of this clever system that opens up new possibilities, looks after your convenience and allows you to save time during recording!





Irix Edge MMS filters will be available for sale on 27 November 2020 from €85,00 to €109,00.

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