Wave Beauty Dish nowy modyfikator w ofercie Quadralite

The Quadralite family of modifiers is joined by Wave Beauty Dish - a dish with a characteristic, wavy profile. Wave is a bowl that gives a very vivid, contrasting light while subtly filling in shadows. Unlike the usual beauty dish, the Wave is more delicate but has all the features of this type of light modifier.

Wave, thanks to its unique shape, makes the light directed and quite contrasting. At the same time, the shadows are gently filled, which means that the images obtained with it are more evenly illuminated. With the help of separately available adapters, it can be connected to lamps of different manufacturers (Bowens, Profoto, Elinchrom, Broncolor). The adapters can be replaced with four screws, and no additional tools are needed. Available in three sizes: 42, 55 and 70 cm. Manufactured in two colors: white and silver. If necessary, Wave can be used with honeycombs, which allow you to control the light on the set even more accurately.


Check specification of Quadralite Wave Beauty Dish


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