Pierwsze miejsce w kategorii oświetlenie dla lampy Quadralite V1

We are pleased to announce the results of this year's Fotopolis x Digital Camera Polska voting for the best photo products and events in 2019. This is yet another year in a row where Quadralite products take first place in the "lighting accessory of the year" category. This year, a novelty in the Quadralite offer - Stroboss V1 has been awarded. The V1 is equipped with a round flash head that provides a more natural and even distribution of light throughout the stage than other "traditional" flash units. In addition, it is also equipped with all the best technologies that we can provide, such as: a high capacity battery (up to 480 flashes at full power on a single charge), a built-in wireless trigger system (Navigator X), and an LED modeling light. This amazing flash is compact, yet powerful, and also versatile and easy to use at the same time. V1 is the best Speedlite that Quadralite offers.



quadralite stroboss v1

Quadralite V1 features:

  • compatible with Canon / Nikon / Sony / Olympus / Fujifilm,
  • built-in Navigator X system that provides remote control and flash firing, both in Master and Slave modes,
  • maximum flash energy is 76 Ws (J),
  • guide number of 42 m (ISO100),
  • equipped with TTL (automatic), Manual (M) and strobe (Multi) modes,
  • wide and precise adjustment of flash energy in the range of up to 8 degrees of aperture -(up to 1/256 full power) in steps of 1/10,
  • very short charging time, only 1.5 s at full flash output
  • powered by a replaceable 2.6 Ah (7.2 V) lithium-ion battery,
  • up to 480 flashes at full power on one battery charge,
  • short flash duration up to 1/20,000 s (t0.1, @ 1/256),
  • LED modeling light with a maximum power of 2 W,
  • quick and easy installation of accessories thanks to the magnetic holder,
  • mounting foot equipped with a locking mechanism.

Check full specification of Quadralite V1.

Read more about the vote at Fotopolis.pl.




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