Godox studio and outdoor lamps

Since 1993 Godox has been offering photographers a wide range of lighting equipment used both in the studio and outdoors environments. Cooperation between the R&D department, design team, and production department allows them to provide high quality products with the best value for money.



godox ad400pro tipa



A large selection of Godox lights

Godox offers a range of products for photography studios, including flashlights, continuous lights, photography and power supply sets, and a complete wireless control system. The transmitters and receivers from this system built into the lights allow remote flash control. Godox reporter lights are made for a growing number of users who praise their functionality and easy-to-use wireless communication system. Of all their lighting systems, the Godox WITSTRO AD400 Pro light was recognized as the best in 2019 and received the TIPA2019 award. The WISTRO series are battery-powered lights of various power ratings that are used by photographers both outdoors and in the studio.


Godox lights are high quality at an attractive price

Godox provides high quality products to global markets, but also attractive prices. Thanks to this, its user base is growing rapidly. It’s also worth mentioning that special procedures, quality control, and employee involvement guarantee the functionality and durability of Godox products.

godox ad600 plus x2t


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