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Using experience learned from both photographers and filmmakers, Quadralite provides excellent solutions for studio and outdoor lighting at an incredible value. Studio, reporter, and continuous lights are used in many places and industries around the world.


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What distinguishes Quadralite products?

Quadralite products combine innovation, functionality, and durability. They are constantly subjected to quality control, and possible modifications are introduced at the production stage. All this provides you with a product that will not disappoint, and will work both in the studio and outdoors.


Quadralite produces lights for even the most demanding photographers

Quadralite lights are designed for both professionals and advanced hobbyists. They are characterized by their durable construction, functionality, and very high lighting parameters. We know that choosing the proper lights for your setup is very important, which is why Quadralite offers many different products. For example, the Quadralite lighting range starts from small reporter lamps, to high-power mobile lamps, to the most powerful professional studio lamps.


quadralite reporter 200 pro ttl


quadralite move 400 kit


Quadralite enables comprehensive equipment for professional studios

Thanks to the wide range of modifiers and accessories offered by Quadralite, every photo lover will find something for themselves. Our lineup allows you to completely equip your studio with the necessary equipment. We provide high-quality studio and reporter lamps, softboxes of various shapes and sizes, reflectors, umbrellas, and lighting stands. Well thought out solutions and equipment from Quadralite will allow you to create a functional home or professional photo studio.



Ease of use thanks to Quadralite Navigator X

Quadralite uses a modern wireless communication system,  Navigator X. Remote triggering and the lighting control of various systems is implemented using built-in receivers and transmitters in all lights with the X symbol. Quadralite also offers Navigator X external transmitters and receivers. The wireless control system is designed for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and MFT. Quadralite Navigator X gives you unlimited possibilities for light control during creative work.

quadralite navigator x plus


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