MagMod magnetic mounts

MagMod is characterized by its ease (and speed) of use. The MagMod accessory system is based on magnetic mounting. Thanks to the use of strong, neodymium magnets, all accessories are mounted efficiently and without problem.


MagMod is very useful mount system


MagMod provides unprecedented ease of use

MagMod accessories can be combined with each other, which ensures even more control over the light. Get rid of annoying Velcro and bulky straps using the magical power of magnets to attach modifiers to the flash with MagMod products.


MagGrip is the core of the magnetic clamping system

The core of the system is MagGrip, which is a flexible silicone band that extends to the flash and stays in place regardless of what you do. This is where all accessories are attached. This universal design fits almost every flash that has ever been made. The benefits of this system are the various accessories that allow you to fully use the creative potential of reporter flash lights.



 MagMod modifiers


MagMod offers many unique light modifiers

The offer also includes reflectors such as MagSphere and MagBounce, which allow you to soften and disperse light. They also include MagGrid and MagSnoot which allow you to narrow light. The offer also includes various types of gel filters that allow you to change the color, and MagBeam fresnel lens, which allows you to increase the range of the light or change the shape of the light. All additions are available both as individual products and as specially prepared sets.

MagMod has not forgotten about useful accessories

The MagGel Wallet can fit up to 24 Gels and 12 MagMasks—all at the same time - allowing you to add color or light patterns in seconds. MagGel Wallet from MagMod has been designed with four clear pockets to hold more gels as well as MagMasks. This polyester wallet has five folding panels to keep compact for storage and can accommodate a large number of items at a single time, up to 24 gels and 12 MagMasks to be precise.

 MagMod accessories in Magwallet


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