Hoya photographic filters

Hoya is known for their wide range of photography filters. The offer includes UV and polarizing filters, a range of grey filters from ND4 to ND1000, variable and half-permeability filters, and effect filters. The more technologically advanced series includes Hoya HD and Hoya Pro1 Digital, which are created from specially hardened anti-reflective coatings.



hoya filter pro1 digital set


A large selection of photo filters in the Hoya company's offer

Hoya's extensive range includes UV and polarizing filters, a range of grey filters with varying degrees of permeability, variable filters, half filters and effect filters. Hoya offers low-cost products for newer photographers as well as the specialized series for professionals. Hoya's offer also includes filter sets such as the Digital Filter Kit and Close-up Lens Set.


Advanced Hoya HD and Hoya Pro1 Digital filter series

The most technologically advanced series include the Hoya HD and Hoya Pro1 Digital series, whose products are made of specially hardened anti-reflective coatings. In the HD series, the glass surface has been chemically hardened, which provides up to a four times greater resistance than ordinary optical glass. The PRO1 Digital series is an exclusive series of filters designed for demanding users. It is characterized by a number of properties that guarantee strength and reliability.
hoya filter pro1 digital set


hoya starscape


New - Hoya Starscape filters for photographing the night sky

Hoya Starscape will allow you to take beautiful nighttime photos. By eliminating yellow and green light (emitted by cities and street lights), you can enjoy the deep blackness of the sky and the real glow of stars. The physical cut-off of unwanted light in urban areas results in the natural color of the sky, and improves the contrast, which is important for capturing nebulae or galaxies.

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