Cokin photographic filters

Thanks to their unique design, Cokin filter systems are used not only in photography, but also for cinematography. Currently, apart from the recognized CREATIVE line, the offer also includes high-quality circular filters from their PURE series, which includes UV, polarizing, and grey filters with variable transmittance.


cokin creative filter system

Cokin CREATIVE filter system

The Cokin offer consists of a variety of filters that allow you to limit the amount of light, affect the color, and saturation of photos with very long exposure times. One of the better known lines is the Cokin Creative line created for photo and video cameras. The Cokin CREATIVE Filter System consists of three elements: a ring, a handle, and a filter.


Cokin Pure Harmonie are the thinnest and lightest filters in the world

The carefully designed filter construction from the PURE Harmonie series consists of the lightest and thinnest filters in the world. The thickness of the UV MC filter holder is only 3.3mm and the polarizing filter C PL is 4.5mm. The height of the filter housing with variable ND X is only 9.5mm. Cokin PURE Harmonie filters are available in three varieties: UV MC, C PL, and NDX.

cokin pure harmonie


cokin nuances

Cokin Nuances filters uses nanocrystalline coating technology

Cokin NUANCES filters are created on the basis of nanocrystalline coating technology, which are applied on both sides of the tempered mineral glass Schott B 270, which is known for its high resistance to physical/mechanical damage. High optical quality means that Cokin NUANCES filters show almost perfect neutrality within the visible spectrum of light.

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