Brinno time-lapse photography

Brinno specializes in professional time-lapse video solutions. They develop hardware and software solutions, combining the innovative ideas into one unique digital device.


kamery poklatkowe Brinno


Professional time-lapse cameras at attractive prices

Brinno develops hardware and software solutions, and then combines them into one digital device, transforming complicated time-lapse photography into a simple, low-price, and user-friendly experience. It lowers the requirements associated with high quality time-lapse photography and meets the expectations of mass consumers. Restricting the buttons on Brinno products allows you to handle time-lapse videos in an even simpler way.


Our offer consists of leading products, including time-lapse cameras

  • TLC200 Pro, TLC200 are based on high quality HDR sensors, thanks to which you can get impressive photos even in intense lighting conditions.
  • TLC200 will be used in professional projects where the equipment can not fail, even for a moment.
  • BCC100 is extremely easy to use. On the other, advanced technology is enclosed in a small, inconspicuous casing. Brinno offers time-lapse cameras and useful accessories at good prices.

... and other Brinno time-lapse cameras and useful accessories at good prices.

brinno bsc24 70 mm

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